Is It Bad To Find Yourself Attractive?

Think you look terrific, but sometimes it comes to your mind that it is bad to find yourself attractive? Or having self-esteem issues? Let’s go over this topic and understand why people find themselves attractive, whether it is wrong, and, if you are insecure, how to find yourself attractive.

Some people are filled with self-confidence, while others aren’t. Is finding yourself attractive narcissism? The answer to this is a tad more complex. People can find themselves attractive in many ways, depending on how far the self-attraction goes.

According to research by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, attractive people often underestimate their attractiveness, while unattractive people are unaware of being unattractive. So, does that mean you’re unattractive if you think you’re attractive? No. If something happens more often than not, it doesn’t mean it’s always the case. Let’s dive deeper so you can understand it better.

Why do I see myself attractive?

It doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic if you think you’re attractive. Well, as long as you don’t think you’re better than everyone else, that is. It could be self-love or just that you’re attractive and self-aware. Nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes we feel attractive when we get a new haircut or see those pumps after a workout. Finally, after dieting for months and putting on new clothes that finally fit, our weight loss goals, when achieved, can make us feel attractive. It’s a positive thing to find yourself beautiful from time to time. However, if you start masturbating to your image in the mirror, you’ve got some issues.

There’s a term for pretty much everything, and finding yourself attractive is called autosexual

“An autosexual person feels sexual attraction primarily toward themselves.” 

However, there is another interesting fact about it. Autosexual people experience little to no sexual attraction toward other people, according to Healthline. And there’s a slim chance that you might be one.

Do other people see you as more attractive?

People often ask themselves, “am I not as good-looking as I think?” while many others overestimate their looks. What others think about us is always in our heads. However, being universally pretty does have its benefits, and to some extent, that’s fair.

One of the reasons why we’re concerned about it is because we don’t really know what we look like. We look different in photos taken from a camera compared to the image we see in the mirror. And most people find their mirror version more attractive. So which one is real? 


That’s a whole other argument, but in short, the reflection you see in the mirror is a more accurate representation of you because it’s three-dimensional. It’s literally mirrored. A camera shows our non-mirrored image unless it’s set to do the opposite. However, the focal length and the camera’s distance have a significant effect on the photo, and more often than not, your facial features get distorted.

Everyone’s definition of attractive is different. What you like might not be appealing to someone else. Everyone has different preferences, and while some might find you handsome, others might not. There is no universal truth to it. However, there is one fact to keep in mind – if you don’t find yourself attractive, neither will others.

How to find yourself attractive

Many people struggle with body image and confidence issues. It becomes a significant burden for them, and the insecurities prevent them from living their life to the fullest. If you want to know how to find yourself attractive, here are some easy tips for you:

Hit the gym

Sometimes you have to go to the gym and reach your weight loss or weight gain goals to gain some confidence. Having the desired weight will make you feel more satisfied with your looks, which will project onto the outside. Additionally, regular sports activity can do wonders for your health.

Stop trying to impress others

What others think about your looks shouldn’t matter to you. After all, beauty is subjective, so stop trying to impress others. You live your life for you. Find acceptance in yourself and embrace what you are. If you are satisfied with your looks, you shouldn’t care what others think.

Correct your posture

Correcting how you stand or sit can make a big difference. People with the correct posture look more attractive and taller. Of course, you’ll feel more handsome when you see yourself in the mirror, but there are also health benefits to gain. Here’s how to strengthen your core body, which will immediately improve your posture.

Compliment yourself

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and drown in self-doubt. Instead, talk to yourself in the mirror and notice the positive things about you. For example, tell yourself you’re beautiful and worth it, and the others will start seeing it too. Sometimes a little pep talk is a way to gain more confidence.

Fake it till you make it

Attractiveness isn’t only about how you look; it’s also about how you present yourself. People are attracted by confident individuals, so appear confident even if you are insecure. Slowly the confidence will come naturally, and there is a better chance that people will find you attractive.

Get yourself some new clothes

Let’s be honest – whenever you try our new clothes, you feel more confident and can’t wait until your friends see you. Getting some nicely fitting clothes can give you a much-needed confidence boost. So, put on nice shades, get to shopping, try out some new styles and dress to impress.


Get a haircut

A haircut can make a huge difference in how you look. The right haircut can make you look several times more attractive. Once, when I wanted a haircut that didn’t suit me, my barber laughingly asked, “Are you trying to be less attractive? Don’t you want to be beautiful?” I got his point, changed the style, and everyone complimented me on the new styling in the following weeks. So listen to your hairdresser or barber, get a haircut that suits your face, and you’ll feel more beautiful.

Wear makeup

If you’re a woman or even a man who likes that kind of stuff, wearing makeup can boost your confidence immensely. It’s not just for hiding your insecurities but also to enhance the beauty you already have. Complement your face with some nice makeup, and it will instantly make you feel attractive.


We hope you now know if it is bad to find yourself attractive. It isn’t always narcissism, and finding yourself attractive isn’t always a negative trait. Sometimes it’s even well-needed. So stop questioning if you’re pretty enough and embrace yourself. You are beautiful—tell yourself that every day.

Apply the tips on how to find yourself attractive in your daily life, and you’ll notice a difference in your confidence and how it affects your relationships and the way you present yourself. Of course, not everyone is created equal, but it’s up to you to make the most out of what you have.


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