Do Watches Make You More Attractive?

Do watches make you more attractive? Do they help you stand out more? Well, that depends on the type of watch you’re wearing and your personal styling. This is why knowing what kind of watches are in style for men is essential for making the right choice.

Watches are more prevalent among men than women. I’m glad people still wear wristwatches, and the trend seems to rise again. Watches are like shoes – when people meet you, they glance at it, often without telling you. So your watch helps you leave a good impression on people.

A great watch must stand out and match the rest of the clothes. It must be attractive and unique but should look normal to the rest of the world. A watch is fabulous on its own but meant to complement the clothes, so choose your timepiece wisely. Of course, if you’re crazy like me, you will often plan your outfit to match your watch.

However, watches can be costly sometimes. They still remain popular, tho. According to statistics, the watch industry will have 75 billion dollars in revenue in 2023. Sometimes watches are great value for money, but more often than not, it isn’t the case. Older models sometimes get sold at much higher than the market price due to their rarity, scarcity, and collection value.

Why do men like watches so much?

So why do men like watches so much? Personally, I feel that most watch enthusiasts I met recently like older or at least vintage-inspired watches. It’s their way of showing respect to the industry that has been making masterpieces for decades despite it being a very complex work.

If you’re wondering what does a wristwatch symbolize, the answer is a tad more complex. For some, it represents the forever moving forward time, while for many others, it’s a show of wealth. Finally, some of us, who knows why, simply love having such beautiful, over-engineered masterpieces on our wrists that are easy to impress.

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile that can show time, so there’s no real reason to buy a watch. Well, I’m going to buy it anyway, and there are many like me – people still purchase watches, and their sole purpose, in most cases, is style.

For the lucky ones out there, watches have sentimental value. They are one of the most common gifts and heirlooms. People that get watches as a gift from someone or inherit it from a relative after they are gone keep them very close to them and cherish them for years. These watches can quickly become priceless.

Watches have been in style ever since they were made. People buy them to look more attractive and make a statement when they put them on their wrists. You’ll hardly ever notice a celebrity that isn’t wearing a watch, and it’s for a reason. A watch can be a powerful statement—however, depending on the message you want to send, you need to make the right choice.


What types of watches are there?

There are two main types of watches – analog watches and digital. Analog watches show you time with a dial and three, sometimes even four hands. Analog watches can be automatic or self-winding, also called manual. On the other hand, digital watches have a display, and they show time with numbers. The irony is that digital watches are often much more precise than their analog counterparts, which usually come at a much higher price.

Generally, analog watches are considered more attractive, and some classic models sell for a tremendous amount of money. Rolex is currently the most significant watch brand, and they are known for making reliable and iconic automatic watches. Their watches can stand the test of time and stay functioning for decades.

As we already mentioned, analog watches have two main types according to how they function – mechanical and automatic. Mechanical watches don’t need batteries, and they need winding to function. Usually, you need to wind it once a day. On the other hand, automatic watches work with batteries or self-powering mechanisms, so you don’t have to worry about winding it in time.

There are many categories for the style of the watches, such as diving watches, field watches, chronographs, sports watches, smart watches, fitness watches, everyday watches, and much more. If you are not knowledgeable about watches, it’s always a good idea to go for an everyday watch. They are stylish and fit any occasion.

If your budget allows, you can always try getting a Rolex or even a Patek Philippe. People with these kinds of watches can certainly look more attractive wearing one. They are the kings of analog watches, but their price is much higher than average. However, it’s still worth it to many due to the quality they provide and how they hold their value. On the other hand, Casio is known for making premium digital watches on a very friendly budget, even as low as fifty or a hundred bucks.

How do watches make you more attractive?

Why having a nice watch is so important, and what does wearing a nice watch say about you? Here are a few reasons to wear one:

Enhance your outfit 

Watches enhance your outfit and, if rightly chosen, make you look like a million bucks. They are like diamonds on a ring. A nice watch can go with any outfit and make you instantly more attractive. It is (besides a wedding band) the only jewelry a man should wear. 

Show your personality

Watches can also showcase your personality. Your personality reflects on the type of watch you wear. For example, if you wear a sports watch, you are likely into sports and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, what you wear shows your artistic choice, and some people might find it very attractive.

Showcase your wealth

Wealth causes attraction in many cases. Wearing a luxurious watch makes a statement and shows your standards. If it’s a flashy piece, anyone who sees it knows you’re wealthy. To some, nothing is more attractive than a rich man. However, why someone likes you or is attracted to you should be based on other factors, not on how expensive your watch is.


Attract watch lovers

A significant portion of the population likes watches. Watch enthusiasts tend to like anyone that wears a watch they like. Watch lovers like it when they see a man with a nice wristwatch. It’s always nice to find someone with interests like yours and someone to talk to about it.

Look more elegant

It’s hard to explain, but watches bring a particular type of elegance. Anyone wearing a watch with the right outfit looks elegant and attractive. It’s like the last puzzle piece, a cherry on top that completes the look.

Appear confident and professional

When you wear the right watch for the right occasion, it makes you look more professional. Watches can also make you look, but also feel more confident. Sporting a new stylish watch will definitely make you feel more confident, and that’s what you will project on the outside.


They are the most prominent ornament for men, besides sunglasses. However, do watches make you more attractive? If you do it right, hell, yes. Find the ones that suit you and wear them with pride and confidence. At last, my advice is to always go smaller—it’s not a clock.

If you want to purchase a watch and know what kind of watches will always be in style, check out our article on the best everyday watches for men. The list is filled with exceptional watches handpicked by our watch enthusiasts.


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