Best Way To Improve Your Aim On Console

What’s the best way to improve your aim on console? Let’s take a look.

Are you tired of losing against PC players in games that allow cross-platform play? Don’t worry; in this article, we’ll cover some important questions, such as why it is so hard to aim with a controller and how you can improve your aim on a controller.

Whether you’re on a Playstation, Xbox, or Switch, console players are always at a disadvantage against PC players regarding first-person shooters, also called FPS games. This is part of why PC players call themselves the PC master race. So, what can you do to overcome this advantage? First, let’s see why it happens and how you can improve your aim on a console.

Why is it so hard to aim with a controller?

FPS on the console is hard, and the main reason behind it is the controller. The way controllers are designed makes it hard to press multiple buttons simultaneously, or at least harder than on a keyboard. 

On the other side, when it comes to movement, controllers are superior, and they’re more comfortable. Using a joystick to move your character is great, but there are better things to aim with. Most games offer stronger aim assist for consoles to compensate for this. However, the accuracy of a mouse is so much superior that even with aim assist, a mouse is overall better at aiming. 

Why is it easier to aim with a mouse

The most straightforward answer to this is the freedom of movement the mouse provides. You can move your hand faster to look around and aim more quickly with a mouse, but you can’t do the same with a controller. So no matter how fast you flick that joystick, the rotation speed of the camera will stay the same.

Having ample space to move your hand provides several times better accuracy than having to aim by moving your thumb within a radius of a few centimeters. The point-and-click technique has always been superior and will continue to be, at least in the near future.

How to get better at FPS games on a console

So, how to get better at FPS games? First, you’ll have to focus on not being a sweaty try-hard. Playing a game to have fun is much more enjoyable, which is the whole point of playing games, and you will feel more relaxed. When you’re comfortable, you do better at games. 

Take a break from the chaos

You can step away from competitive game modes and try the more casual ones until you’re ready to get back to them. Playing for long hours can tire you, affecting your gameplay, so remember to take breaks and get enough sleep to achieve peak performance.


Be patient

Stay patient when you see an enemy; wait until you have the proper advantage or you’re confident that you can take them down. Stay in control of your emotions, and don’t let the excitement make decisions for you.


Reevaluate your existing strategies and make changes or find new ones. Figure out your stronger areas and try to take advantage of them. Quick decision-making and critical thinking are critical in a fast-paced competitive FPS game. Especially in battle royales – a good strategy can make you win games. 

Play with a team

Having a team that compliments your play style is a blessing. Suitable teammates can improve the game drastically for everyone on the team. Remember to communicate with your team – it’s the key to winning games.

How can I improve my aim on my controller?

Aiming is the most critical part of an FPS game. As we said, being good at FPS on a console is challenging but not impossible. This is why we are here – to help you improve your aim. Here are a few tips you can use to become a better shooter in games:

Try a console aim trainer

Unfortunately, there aren’t any dedicated aim trainers for consoles yet, but there are ways to get around it. There are training grounds in almost every shooting game, so use them. Or you can download an aim trainer on a PC and practice with a controller. If you don’t have access to a PC, you can download an aim trainer on your phone and connect your controller.


Practice makes perfect—a cliché but true statement. Keep practicing. In this case, all you have to do is keep playing. Over time you will get better in the game and aiming. 

Train your reflexes

Your reflexes play a big part in aiming and shooting at the right time. Read our article on improving reaction time in games to learn a few tricks to improve your reflexes and get better at fast-paced gaming. 

Use high-quality controllers

The controllers provided by PlayStation and Microsoft are top-tier. Avoid cheaper third-party controllers because most are worse and rarely optimal. Only a few controllers, such as Nacon or Razer, are as good as the official ones.

Find the right settings

Finding suitable sensitivity and control settings and sticking to them boosts your accuracy dramatically. Next, go to the training grounds and play around with your sensitivity settings until it feels right.


Use strafing

Make use of your left analog stick. It’s for movement, but if used correctly, it can assist in aiming. For example, while shooting, you can move your character to correct your aim if your firing is slightly off.

Use similar sensitivity settings in every game

This is a crucial step in carrying your skills to a different game. Remember that the sensitivity values aren’t the same across all games, so you’ll have to adjust and see what feels right.


You’ll inevitably be at a disadvantage against PC players, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. 

Make use of what you have; if needed, you can always turn cross-play off and play only with those on a console. Use movement to your advantage and follow the tips mentioned above to add a better aim on top of it.

We hope this article about the best ways to improve your aim on a console will help you become better at FPS and other competitive games. Although winning is always lovely, remember that the goal is to have fun.


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