How To Become a Better Husband and Father

Do you want to learn how to become a better husband and father? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. We will discuss why your family needs you to step up as a better family man and how you can become a better husband and father.

I have a friend—let’s call him Jake. He never had a good relationship with his father. Jake’s father was abusive, and he was never a good father or a husband, so whenever the topic is brought up, Jake expresses how much he dislikes his father and how he could’ve done better. The good thing in the bad is that growing up like this made Jake vow never to become like his father to his family.

You wouldn’t want to leave this kind of memory behind you, right? This is why you need to learn how to become the husband and father your family needs so they can be proud of you and look up to you. Set a good example.

There are 72.2 million fathers in the United States alone. So, imagine how much of a difference it would make if everyone decided to be better fathers and husbands. But, as a man, it is your responsibility, and you will have to improve yourself and step up. Let’s get you started.

Why you should become a better family man

At least 30% of the children live with only one parent. It impacts their childhood and mental growth. We all need a father figure in our lives to love us, teach us, and guide us. Not having a father figure around could be rough for a child and lead them to a wrong path later in life. Who’s going to set up an example for them if not you?

It can also be very challenging for a mother when there isn’t a man to support her in her needs or the man in the family doesn’t take any responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, women can be strong and independent, but it’s always better to have a man that can help you out in your life. On the other side, although women don’t need a man in the house, the kids do.

Men are the pillars of their families and are responsible for caring for their wives and children. So you will have to learn how to become the husband and father your family needs, and we’re here to help. So, here’s how.

What makes you a better husband?

At some point in life, every man wonders, how can I be a better family man? You also must’ve heard the saying, ‘happy wife, happy life.’ To start, you’ll have to work on being better. Here are 5 ways to become a better husband.

Make your relationship exciting again

You fell in love, got into a relationship, got married, and had kids. Now what? Here comes the tricky part, maintaining that loving relationship and keeping the spark alive. Sometimes you need to make each other feel like you are falling in love for the first time again. Go on dates, plan Valentine’s surprises, and spend some time with each other with some fun hobbies. Try to win her heart again, even if it’s already years.


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A crucial part of any relationship is communication. You can only solve problems in your relationship if you communicate. Listen to what she says and let her know how you feel. Remember, she is your other half – you can share your problems with her and be vulnerable around her. Men are often taught to keep their feelings to themselves, but this isn’t practical in a relationship. It would be best to learn how to express yourself, not build it all up inside. Let your wife know about your feelings and how much you love her.

Be there in tough times

This is what a partner is for. Always be there when your wife is having a tough time. She expects you to step up for her, and as a husband, it is your duty. Even if you can’t help, let her know you are there for her and provide emotional support. That’s what a good partner does. She wants you to be with her when she’s having a great time but needs you when she’s struggling. Don’t hesitate to make sacrifices to help your life partner. This is what makes you a better husband.


Contribute towards your family. According to the stereotypical gender roles, a man provides, and the woman takes care of the household. If, as a couple, you can fulfill those roles and both have no problems with it, it’s great. But if your wife is the bread earner of your family, you must take care of the house and cook for your family. This does not take away anything from your masculinity. Always find a way to contribute to each other’s lives and help each other. This is what makes a man a better family man.

Help her raise your child

The child is yours as much as hers – don’t put all the responsibilities on her. It can be difficult for a mother to raise a child when the father doesn’t contribute. On the other hand, do you want to be the guy who abandons his child? We already discussed how much a child needs a father figure. So, be that father figure and, with the help of your wife, give your child a better life.

How do I become a better father?

So now you’re wondering, how do I become a better father? You can become the ideal father for your children with some effort, so here are 5 ways to become a better father.

Pay interest in what they like

Children find many things fascinating. They are always interested and excited about something. Sometimes it’s a game, a show, an event, or something at school. Please pay attention to those and let them know you are also interested. If it’s a game, play it with them. Or watch their favorite shows with them. Get involved, and show that you care about things they like.

Spend time with your kids

Everyone’s life is busy nowadays. People are often busy with work and rarely spend time with their families and children. This can seriously affect your child. They need and want to spend more time with their parents. Like discussed above, spend time with them on things they like. Spend quality time with your family – eat at a restaurant, watch movies, or go to amusement parks. Play with your child, be there for them, and give them some love.

Attend important events

One of Jake’s complaints about his father is that he was never there for his important moments, such as when he won competitions or graduated. His father never bothered to make some time for those moments. Don’t be like that guy. No matter how small it is, attend your child’s essential events whenever you can. It will mean the world to them, they will appreciate this when they grow up, and you will create worthwhile memories.


Listen to them

You know how frustrating it is when no one wants to listen to what you have to say. Children feel the same way, and often at that. As a parent, you should pay attention to what they say, no matter how silly. Listen to what they like and their problems. Let them feel like they are also an important member of your little community and that they are heard.

Teach them your core values

As a father, you must discipline your child and teach them life lessons. When I say discipline, I don’t mean to beat it out of them. Violence, yelling, and trashing will build hatred and get you nowhere. Instead, teach them your core values and your ethics. It will not only help them in the future, but they will also see you as a role model. You can be strict sometimes but don’t forget to be gentle and show some love.

The bottom line

Being a good father and a husband can be challenging, but you can’t fail at this as long as you try and put in the effort. Of course, nobody is perfect, but the fact that you are trying to learn how to become a better husband and father makes you better than many. 

Every human makes mistakes, and even if you can’t become a perfect husband and father, your family will surely love and appreciate that you are trying and giving your best.


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