How To Get Better at Communicating With Your Partner

To maintain a healthy relationship, learning how to get better at communicating with your partner is essential. No matter how much you like each other, the relationship will fall apart sooner or later if you can’t communicate properly.

Studies suggest that more affluent couples are less happy in relationships. It means even money can’t fix the underlying problem in a relationship. Whenever there is a problem between you and your partner, you will need the right approach and communication to fix it. Unfortunately, this is where many couples fail, and their relationship goes downhill.

To be better in a relationship and tackle all the obstacles with your partner, you’ll first have to identify the problems and know how to fix communication in a relationship. We will cover that and try to help you with this article.

What are the signs of bad communication in a relationship?

Signs of bad communication in a relationship are often obvious, but sometimes, it can feel like the real problem is something else. Very often, communication problems are accompanied by other relationship problems. Communication problems occur due to other issues and vice versa.

When you have trust issues with your partner, it affects your communication and vice versa. You don’t trust your partner enough to tell them everything; in return, your partner doesn’t trust you for not telling them everything.

Another obvious sign is that almost every conversation turns into an argument or an unpleasant topic. You misunderstand each other often, and this causes arguments and rifts in your relationship.

Living together is stressful, and whenever you try to do something together, it doesn’t go well. Even when you make plans together, you fail to execute them properly. These are the signs of bad communication in a relationship.

Why do I struggle to communicate with my partner?

It could either be a personal issue or an issue with your relationship. Sometimes, you and your partner might not be compatible with each other. In this case, you’ll have to work harder to communicate better.

In many cases, it’s a self-esteem issue. People are afraid to express themselves adequately because that’s how they have grown up or become like that due to some life incidents. Sometimes, it’s the partner that causes it. You feel like expressing your feelings won’t improve things, and don’t speak up for yourself.


This happens a lot without people even realizing it. Eventually, you start thinking it’s normal and don’t learn to communicate. Well, of course, you’re not the victim in all cases. Sometimes, you don’t pay attention to your partner and don’t care enough about communicating correctly, and it causes problems in your relationship.

So, how do you improve bad communication in a relationship?

How to communicate with your partner without fighting?

Here are some tips you can follow to fix communication in a relationship:


Listen to what your partner has to say and pay attention to it. Make them feel valid and let them know that you care about what they have to say. Don’t try to interrupt them or try to shut them up. Listen to everything they have to say and understand it before arguing against it.

Don’t raise your voice

Never raise your voice when you are in an argument with your partner. Don’t let the anger get the best of you, and try to stay calm. Remember, it’s not you vs. your partner. It’s you and your partner vs. the problem. Don’t take your anger out on your partner; try to fix the issue together.

Change perspectives

Don’t be selfish, and try to put yourself in their shoes. Think of it from their perspective and try understanding how the situation makes them feel. It will allow you to understand the situation better. It isn’t just about you. A relationship is about you and your partner, so it is essential to know where they stand, too.

Solve the root cause

As we already discussed, don’t fight against each other; fight against the problem. Try to identify what is causing the argument. Is it trust issues? If yes, then why are there trust issues? Try to figure it out and fix the underlying problems. This will automatically solve the other minor issues it is causing.

Spend time with each other

Sometimes you need to spend more time together. Have some couple’s hobbies and try to have some fun together. If you have kids, try to be a good family man and spend more time with your family. This way, your bond will be even stronger, and your communication will improve. It is also a great way to make your relationship exciting again.

Express yourself

Express your feelings and let them know how you feel, too. You can’t clap with one hand. You will have to express yourselves and put effort into improving communication. Your feelings are valid, too, and don’t be afraid to say them.


See a therapist

See a couple’s therapist with your partner. They will help you with your relationship and also help you address psychological issues and habits that might be causing the problems. They are professionals, and they can help you understand your relationships better.


A person can’t carry a relationship on their back for too long. Both parties need to put effort and communicate to make it work. Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to communicate better with your partner. Learning how to communicate will help you with many things in the future and even help you become a good husband and father

Follow the advice, and don’t be afraid to get professional help. Many relationships crumble due to lack of effort – don’t let your relationship be one of them.


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